Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I was watching a story about two celebrity brothers who are famous Bull Fighters in Spain.

In an interview with the younger brother, they asked him something to the effect of, "Does it scare you that you may die or be seriously injured every time you step into the ring?"

His answer was profound.

He said something to the fact of, "Yes, but it is good to have fear, because without it, you would surely be killed or malled."

He then said, "I like it because it takes me to my limit every time. And because of this I have found out what I am made of, who I really am."

I was intrigued that this young bullfighter was able to look at his profession his lively hood as something that showed him what he was made of every time he went out to compete.

When is the last time you tried to find your limit?

The limit muscle is the same as any other muscle. If you do not seek to stress it, it will slowly atrophy and it will lose its strength.

Do you have something in your life that takes you to that limit? A place where you go to learn a little more about what you are capable of and who you are? Do you have a ring with an angry bull waiting to fight?"

Here is how you know you do not have a ring with a bull in it:

1) Your life is boring, Your life is all about you.
2) You spend your time searching for quick fixes and quick pleasure
3) You get no satisfaction out of a good days work or training because there was no purpose.
4) You are in the same or worse place now as you were a year, 3 years, or even 10 years ago.
5) You are scared to go after what your heart is telling you to do.

Taking yourself to that limit is like walking into a ring with an angry bull. But consistently taking yourself there not only gives you the motivation to prepare on a daily basis for the fight, but in the end tells you what who you really are and what you're capable of.

This week find a bull to fight--



One of my philosophy's is pay attention and listen for simple truths. Simple truths are those things that are already innately built inside of us, but we must sometimes be observant, open, and clear in our minds to fully understand.

My simple truth for this week came from an unlikely source. It came at about 9pm last night after a 12 hour work day. I found this simple truth while watching "Kung Fu Panda."

It was an "aha" moment for me. Not because I didn't already know it, but because it is something that I try to instill in my athletes and those around me, but was put in such a simple, teachable way. It's the Secret Ingredients of Success.

It's not a new secret way to run faster. It isn't a new machine that makes you jump higher. It's not a new pill that increases your strength. It's not "P90X" or the "Perfect Push-Up."

Po, the Kung Fu Panda was enlightend by an unlikely circumstance when his father Shifu (who passionatley sold noodles to the people in town and claimed to have a secret ingredient), said to him,

"I think it's time I told you something, I've been needing to tell you for a long time."

He went on to say, "I'm finally going to give you the secret ingredient to my noodles."

Now with Po and myself sitting in suspense Shifu said in a loud tone,"Nothing--the secret ingredient is nothing!"

Po, with looking confused, remarked, "Huh, it's just plain old noodle soup, there is no special sauce or anything?"

His Father then hit him with this simple truth gem; "Don't have to. To make something special, you just have to believe it's special."

Wow--with my eyes halfway open, I suddenly felt and looked wide-eyed just like the Panda that was standing across from me on my TV. At that point, the Kung Fu Panda who earlier said that he sucked at kung fu more than anyone in the history of those whose sucked, finally understood a simple truth that changed his life and the outcome of the story.

There is no special ingredients to being successful as an athlete. There is only how much you believe in yourself. There is only how much you believe in your team and your teammates. There is only how much you love and have a passion for what you do. And there is only how much you really want it. No special ingredient, just believe.

95% of us were not born with incredible athletic or scholastic talent. But choose to believe you are equipped with everything you need to make an impact, to do something special, usually succeed. And choose to have believe that it is important, it is fun, and it is special.

Be ready to take critisism from those who do not believe. But as I love to say, "If you're not being criticized, you're not doing anything."

Let your belief squash the petty and mindless criticisms of others.

Critics will remain miserable looking for the secret ingredient. And only because they envy you, will they criticize you. If critics believed in themselves, they wouldn't have to talk about you.

Love something so much it comes alive. Believe in something so much it becomes a magnet to others because of your attitude and passion for it.

Remember this week. There is no secret ingredients. There is only how much you believe in yourself, in your teammates, and in what you do. Try this and like the fat, clumsy, face-stuffing, Kung Fu Panda, you will start kicking some butt.


One of the greatest quotes about the heart of a leader is by Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, a French diplomat who worked successfully in the regime of Louise XVI, through the French Revolution, and was regarded as one of the most influential and versatile diplomats in European history.

In describing himself, Talleyrand expressed, "I am more afraid of an army of one hundred sheep led by a lion than an army of lions led by a sheep."

To my athletes out there ready to lead your teams to victory, ready to lead your teams to places they've never been, ready to make your team believe that together you are unstoppable read this. It just may change your season, and the way people look at your for the rest of your life. It is the difference between a Lion and a Sheep.

The Lion in the leader gives confidence to the team because they are the ultimate example to what the team should be. The Lion in the Leader exemplifies:

1. Work Ethic: The Lion in the leader sets the tone in practice, in games, in the weight room. Nobody outworks the Lion. For the Lion knows, if anyone outworks the Lion, he is no longer the leader.

2. Competitiveness: The Lion in the leader hates to lose. The Lion will do whatever it takes within ethical boundaries to win. No one hates losing more than the Lion. For the Lion knows, if anyone wants it more, he is no longer the leader.

3. Presence: The Lion in the Leader has presence. The other team hates to see the Lion walk on to the court. Because they know that hell's coming with him. The opponent knows the presence of the Lion reflects on the presence of the team. When the leader has the presence of a ferocious lion, so then, does the team.

4. Perseverance: The Lion in the leader never quits. When all is well the Lion in the leader never lets it go to his head. In fact, when it is good, the Lion works harder. When things are bad, the Lion in the leader smiles and invites the fear. Because the Lion knows that when things are bad the best comes out in him. He knows its a bad idea when you corner a hungry lion, he just may eat you.

5. Skill: The Lion in the leader possesses tremendous skill. Why, because the Lion knows who they are, what they do well, and how to effectively apply those skills. The Lion is a master at his skills. The Lion understands that he must work to perfect his skills daily, harder than anyone else. Nobody works harder at mastering his skills than the leader. For the leader knows if anyone works harder, he is no longer the leader.

6. Humility: The Lion in the leader is supremely confident in who he is, so there is no need to boast. This is one of the Lions greatest qualities, because humility is a product of integrity and gratitude. The Lion earns respect because he is first respectful to all others. The Lion is both a gracious winner because he is knows that a win is gift of effort. The Lion is also a gracious loser, because he can always learn from a loss.

7. Integrity: The Lion in the leader can be trusted. If there is no trust, there is no leadership. The Lion in the leader matches his words with his actions, and no matter what he says, he comes through. The Lion understands that integrity is the number #1 quality he possesses in his leadership and never fails himself or his teammates with lack of it. In the heat of a battle, if your team lacks trust in you, you are sure to lose their confidence and thus the battle.

8. Inspiring Others: The Lion in the leader inspires others to be greater then they think they could ever possibly be. The Lion in the leader does this because he believes in the greatness that others possess. He believes that whether sheep or lion, all were created for greatness.

9. Responsibility: The Lion in the leader takes responsibility for the heartbeat of the team. He takes responsibility for the successes and the failures of the team. Because of this the lion will not tolerate teammates who bring the team down or create turbulence. The lion is quick to deal with situations that hinder the progress of the team and is known to roar at those who bring it down.

Because these qualities are part of the Lions heart, they create something that others cannot create:


This is why the Lion can turn an army of sheep into an unstoppable force. If their leader is a Lion, they too will believe they are Lions. They too will believe that they are fierce, prepared, and ready to do whatever it takes.

Not everyone will be a Lion type leader. But those who dedicate themselves to first their character, knowing and mastering their skills, doing whatever it takes, respecting all others friends and foes, persevering through hard times, working even harder through the good times, and setting the standard wherever they are may have a chance.

Are you a Lion or a Sheep?

If you lead a team, look at who and where they are. This will tell you who you are.

If you are leading as a sheep, even if you have lions, beware of the time when you face the sheep led by a lion. You will lose. Go find a lion to take your place.

If you are a lion, continue to make more lions out of sheep, and continue to watch your team and your greatness soar!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


When was the last time you regretted not taking an opportunity that was right in front of you? How many times have you said, "I would do that but...?" How many times do you think an opportunity has walked right up to you, slapped you in the face, walked away, and you didn't even know it?

This past week I watched the movie "Yes Man" starring Jim Carey. The movie involved a cynical man whose life was spiraling downward and decided to attend a self-help conference that taught the philosophy of saying "yes" to everything. The character made a pact with the self-help guru to say "Yes" to everything for an entire week.

The trials began with his first "yes" saying "yes" to giving a homeless guy a ride to where he slept way out in the woods. The homeless guy asked to use his cell phone and of course he said "yes." The homeless guy proceeded to talk the on his phone the entire trip and kill Carey's cell phone battery. The night ended with the homeless guy asking for all of Carey's cash and then of course, he ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Long story short, he ended up meeting the girl of his dreams at the gas station.

Point: If you don't GO, you will never know.

Though saying "Yes" to everything is crazy, it's not crazy to say yes to more.

Think about it for a second. How interesting and opportunity filled would your life be if you began going after things for the sake of going after them.

If you are a trainer could you GO get more clients.

If you are an athlete could you GO and spend more time refining your skills.

If you are in the corporate world could you GO and network or GO and talk to your boss about an idea you've been holding that would make the company more successful.

Here are some suggestions to GO to this week:
1. GO help someone who cannot repay you: The ultimate in GO is to do something for someone without any though of return. This GO could change your life, change someone else's life, and leave you with the ultimate feeling of giving the gift of YOU.

2. GO find a Person Who is Incredible at What They Do: In a interview with world renown strength and conditioning specialist Mike Boyle, he talked about the impact of being able to go on speaking circuits with the smartest people in the strength and conditioning world and the impact that has had on his success. To be better at what you do or who you are, find people who are much better and what you do. Find people who are much better at certain qualities life you wish to improve. Then GO, seek them out, and ask them if they would be willing to mentor you.

The truth is, if you want to make $1000.00 a month, GO hang out with people who make $1000.00 a month. If you want to make $30,000.00 a month GO out with people who make $30,000.00 a month.

If your dream is to play a professional sport, GO surround yourself and get with people who know what it takes to make it in a professional sport.

If your dream is to become and successful entrepreneur or a CEO, GO find a successful entrepreneur or CEO to learn from.

3. GO do something you would never do: A great way to build your GO muscle is to start with a "GO List." This is a list of 10 things (ie. Bungee Jump, Meet with a Pastor of a Church, Run a 5k, Go eat at an authentic Indian Restaurant, go paintballing, go serve food at the homeless shelter) that that you have never done or wouldn't normally do because you are scarred, because you are prejudice against something, way out of your comfort zone, ignorant to an something, or it's just flat out crazy. Make a "Go List" and try to complete it by the end of this year. You will probably be amazed at how your life, your confidence, and your perspective changes

4. GO Thank Someone You've Never Thanked: One thing I truly enjoy doing is writing reference letters for friends, people who've worked with me, and athletes I've trained. I enjoy these because the person gets to see my appreciation for them in written for to another person. I get to show my belief in them, I get to tell their future employer that they are getting a great team player and leader. Each time I've written one of these I get a response back from the person thanking me for the nice things I said about them.

The words you say or write in appreciation to someone is one of the greatest gifts you can give. GO find someone who you owe appreciation to. Call them, take them to lunch, or write them a letter to show how much you appreciate them.

5. GO Prepare: Preparation is the link between try and do, stop and go, miss or recognize. Daily preparation in getting better at who you are and what you do. Preparation will give you more opportunities than you can say "yes" too. It will also give you the confidence that you are prepared when an great opportunity arrives.

It's time to GO do something big...It's GO Time

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Most of us do not take time to reflect the reality of our situation.

Most of us perceive what we are doing is good enough.

The reality is; this is probably not true.

To be great begins with accepting the truth of the current standards we hold and the current place we are.

We slowly disqualify ourselves from greatness by distorting this reality, thinking we are farther along than we truly are.

We slowly disqualify ourselves from greatness saying, "I'll do it tomorrow."

We slowly disqualify ourselves from greatness by thinking that everything doesn't count.

We slowly disqualify ourselves from greatness by making decisions which taint our integrity and our character.

We slowly disqualify ourselves when we think something is owed to us.

The steady and small drip of self-disqualification becomes a flood of mediocrity, and eventually drowns our chances of greatness.

What is currently slowly disqualifying you from greatness? What standards and habits are stealing your ability to be great?

This week is your week to change. Identify what is drowning your chances of greatness and start today.

Today Work harder.

Today Stay humble, Stay Hungry.

Do it Today, Do it Now.

Today Remember, "Everything Counts."

Today Commit to Do What is Right, What is Good.

Today Expect Nothing, and Be Enthusiastically Grateful for What You have.


"Making the simple complicated is common place; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity."

Jazz Legend Charles Mingus One of my favorite sayings is "Simplicity is Genius." We tend to label geniuses as people with high IQ's. But a person with high intelligence is simply someone who acts consistently towards achieving theirs goals. It is the act of moving towards what you are trying to accomplish in your life. This is true intelligence, this is genius. And this type of genius requires a simple life. From a coaching and athletic perspective, John Wooden was one of the simplest minded coaches there was. He was not heralded as a mystical thinker like Phil Jackson, though he was he was almost more of a philosopher than a coach. It is said of coach Wooden in the book, Wooden on Leadership, that "he was efficient in his teaching and kept if simple-broke it down into parts, taught each part, then built the whole back up. Always he used the law of learning: explanation, demonstration, imitation, and repetition. Lots of repetition. You can't believe the repetition."

I believe coaches, athletes, and people in general lack simplicity in their life because they lack confidence in any solid belief of belief system. This lack of confidence creates inconsistency in the parts of their lives where they are lacking these beliefs. This is what I call "Principlelessness."


Since Principlelessness is not a real word (as I've learned as I receive the red squiggly underline on my Microsoft word program) I guess I must claim and define it. Principlelessness is the lack of established principles and beliefs that simplify the thoughts and actions of our lives.

ALPHABET LIFE You will recognize people who live without principles as inconsistent. On the contrary, consistent actions will tell you and everyone else exactly what you stand for and what your principles are. No matter what you say, your actions always reveal your principles.

So how do established principles simplify your life? Established principles make your life black and white. When a decision comes up, you either choose "A" or "B," there is no "C." Most people live trying to use every letter in the alphabet instead of choosing "A" or "B." This causes confusion and internal battles and also effects the closest people you associate with. On the other hand, there is nothing more comforting than knowing someone who lives on principle. You know what you are going to get with these people. Some things you may not agree with, but you have to respect that fact that they stand their ground.

SIMPLICITY AND ACTION The goal is simplicity and action. The goal is to first figure out what you stand for. Second, is applying these principles to your everyday decisions. This establishes your priorities and choices which make your daily actions most effective and significant. The third is continuously and consistently repeating these actions on a daily basis.

TAKE A STAND When you live your life based on principles it is an indication that you believe in something. And this belief can be influenced on other people. People are drawn to others who stand for something. Your philosophy or what you believe in may not be exactly what the next person believes in, but this makes you unique.

Here are 7 suggestions on moving from principlelessness to genius:

1. Establish Virtues: The most important thing that you can do is establish virtues or a moral code. These establish your character. No matter how talented you are, no matter how much skill you possess, greatness is achieved through who you are at the core. Your virtues are already identified, just look at how you spend your time. This will give you a good indication of what is most important to you. Your virtues are what help you live a black and white, consistent life. Your choices will always be based upon, who you serve, and what you truly believe in.

2. Get Real: In order to simplify your life you must have a realistic view of yourself. Like people who go on American Idol and think they can sing, if we are spending our time and energy on things we suck at, you will live a frustrated in-effective life. If you do not have a talent that is completely obvious, seek and find that in which you are great. It usually always lies in something you've always been great at or just love to do.

3. Seek Truth: The bible says, "The truth will set you free." This is one of the greatest statements I have ever heard, because it not only applies spiritually, but applies to everything else. The truth sets you free because it takes away everything you don't need to worry about. Lack of truth in your life leads your life in the wrong directions, causing worry, anxiety, stress, and all the other negative emotions that come along with being in this territory. Seek truth in everything you do. The more you know, the simpler it becomes.

4. Become an Expert: Once you establish what you love. Strive to become an expert. Becoming an expert takes time. I don't belive you are an expert at anything you have not put daily effort and study into for at least 10 years. Only with this type of understanding and wisdom in a subject will you be an expert. Experts, by the way, make things that look difficult or even impossible to most, look simple.

5. 80/20 rule: To be effective in your life you must cut the fat. The pareto principle says that 20% of your actions produce 80% of your results. The key is identifying that 20% and repeating that over and over.

6. Repetition-Repetition-Repetition: Once you have established what actions are most effective for you, do it over and over and over. As stated above, Wooden's teams would break down a skill into different parts and then work on those different parts over and over again.

7. Be Ready to Take Heat: When you believe in something, people will always criticize you. All of what you believe in rarely lines up with what everyone else does. The more you believe in something, the more you will be criticized. The key is keep learning, keep growing, and keep getting results from what you do. If you do what's right and continue to get great results from your principle actions, what can people really say? Critics fill the world with their talk; principle people change the world with their actions.

Avoid Principlelessness. Be a genius. Be simple

Friday, April 10, 2009


How many times have you not given 100% effort into something so you could later blame your failure on lack of effort? This thought process features many areas of life, but has a tremendously negative effect on reaching your potential. This thought process places effort in things that you know you can win or succeed in. But in the long run, it staggers your growth and limits your potential.


People often wonder why talented athletes never make it to the professional level. Talent is only good for giving you greater opportunities. Where you go from there is all about mind-set. This goes across the board. Ever heard someone say, "If only he could live up to his potential, he would be a start." A friend of mine calls this type of athlete, a "Million dollar body with a 10 cent mind." What is one of the most common things I hear come out of these people's mouths?

"I could do it if.."
or "I would do it if..

The word "if" is a precursor to a result or an excuse. If statements are result/action based or result/excuse based. People who have a hard time reaching their potential live on result/excuse "if" statements. People who reach their potential live and apply result/action "if" statements.

Example of a result/excuse if statement: "I would practice harder if my coach would play me more.

"Example of a result/action if statement: "My coach would play me more if I practiced harder."

The difference in the "if" statements is a matter of personal responsibility. In the first statement, you are blaming your circumstances for the outcome. You are submitting complete control to your circumstances. In the second statement you are taking personal responsibility. You are saying, regardless of the circumstance, I can control the situation as best as I can. In any situation there are only two things you can control: How hard you work and your attitude.

Watch you 'if's."


This goes back to the initial statement of why you try to disrupt our efforts to save face. The greatest de-capacitator of success if fear. You fear your performance not being good enough, or not being accepted by others. You think your lack of effort will protect you from judgment or criticism of others. After all, if you don't give it your all, you can always say "If I really wanted to try.." right? You believe people will blame your failure on your effort, not on your talent. This mind-set fools you into mediocrity.


This mind set causes you to not push yourself farther because if you fail you will be seen as less than you really are. I can assure you most people think this way. If you can find a person who is always pushing their potential and not care what other people think, they are special. And more than likely they are successful, and more than likely they have a lot of people who criticize them for this.

One of my favorite sayings is there are no good stories about people sitting on the bench. People who have become legendary continuously stepped out of their comfort zone and challenged the status quo. The success you experience in your life will be a direct result of A) how far you continuously stepped out of your comfort zone and B) The effort you continuously put into fighting through your comfort zones.

To move forward, break through comfort, and seek that which challenges you.


Make a choice to try harder today. Try harder in areas where you know you are challenged. Try harder in areas you know you just may fail. Try harder in places you may get criticized and judged. Try harder because it's the only way to get farther. Here are 5 ways to start trying harder and moving farther.

1. LOSE THE DEADBEATS: I often tell my young athletes, "Be the right example and you won't have to worry about having friends who bring you down." The truth of the matter is, the higher you want to go, the better people you need to surround yourself with. If you currently have friends or other people in your life who bring you down, stop spending so much time with them. You don't have to cut them out of your life, just choose wisely the amount of time you spend with them. Here is a fact: You cannot go much farther than the people you the constantly surround yourself with. Why? Because the people you spend the most time with determine much of what you think and much of what you think about yourself. Put great people around you if you want to be great.

2. PICK SOMETHING TO GO ALL OUT IN: Think of something that you haven't been giving your all in because you are afraid of failing. Take this thing whether it is practice or a project and go at it like no one is judging you. No matter if you fail or succeed, you will either learn from the experience and become better in the failure and/or celebrate in the success.

3. CHANGE YOUR "IF" STATEMENTS: If you find yourself saying, "if" and it is followed by an excuse, immediately change it to a positive statement: Example: If you say, "I would practice harder if I was playing more." Change the statement to, "If I practice harder, I will play more." Try reversing you "if's" and see just how much farther it will take you. Instead of excuse based "if" statements, turn them into action based "if" statements. This places responsibility on your shoulders not your circumstances.

4. START THINKING GREAT: No matter your talent, true greatness is only achievable through your thinking. Why? Because everything begins with a thought. Thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions. It does not work in any other way. You must think great before you manifest that into reality, act great, and produce great things in your life.

5. DO SOMETHING THAT SCARES THE HECK OUT OF YOU: To reach your potential you must get out of your comfort zone. Think of something that you have been putting off because it scares the heck out of you. Go at it with ruthless abandonment. You will more than likely find the fears that you associated with it as only something you conjured up in your mind to talk you out of doing it. As you begin to take on more and more of these actions, you will develop more and more confidence. This confidence will help you tackle even greater obstacles.

Too many people sit around and wait to have something great happen to them. Be one of those who actually make something great happen to them. Try harder.


"Any coward can fight a battle when he's sure of winning." George Elliot


I recently read a story of a talented young baseball player. This player was supposed to be the next great thing. At the age of 19 years old he made his way to Triple-A, which is the step right below the Major Leagues. To reach Triple-A at this young of an age, you have to be really good. At this point the young man began to struggle at the plate, becoming quite discouraged in the process.

The Breakdown

Finally the young ball player had enough. He walked into his manager's office and simply told him he did not want to play anymore. The game of baseball, which had brought him so much joy before, was not fun anymore. He was fed up with the fans booing him and constantly writing negative things about him in the newspaper. He didn't want to deal with the expectations and wanted to leave.

A Good Call

The manager looked at the young man and could tell his frustration. He told him this was probably the first time in his young 19 year old life that he was failing, and failing publicly. He explained to him that the downside of playing baseball is that you play it in front of people, that failing meant failing publicly. The manager said the only way to make it through the criticism of others is to develop a thick skin, and that a thick skin comes with the territory.

Then he looked the young man in the eye and said, "I know how good you are, and I know you can make it. But it doesn't matter what I know, it matters what you know, you got to believe in yourself."

A Good Choice

Though still frustrated, the young ball player trusted his manager and decided to give it another shot. He walked out of his managers office and started to play again. Gradually he began to get better and better. By the end of the season he was playing so well in Triple-A that at the age of 20 years old he was called up to the Major Leagues. His career in the Major Leagues ended up pretty good as he amassed 660 home runs, 2383 base hits, was named to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in 1979 and the All-Century team in 1999.

The "Say Hey Kid," Willie Mays, made a good choice.

Building Thick Skin

There is only one person who can determine your worth--YOU. Your life, especially if you are talented, are a risk taker, or just willing to do what other's will not, is going to be full of people criticizing and telling you that you are not good enough. However, none of those things people say or write about you are true unless you want them to be. Your ability to funnel out critics, have faith in your ability to reach your goal or dream, and belief in yourself will create endless possibilities with the talents that God has blessed you with. To attain a thick skin, read below the six points of how you get it.

1. Thick Skin is Happy in its Own Skin: Author Leo Buscaglia wrote, "The easiest thing to be in the world is you. The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be. People who are happy in their own skin are more confident in what they think of themselves than what others think. People who are not happy in their own skin have more confidence in what others think of them rather than what they think of themselves.
2. Thick Skin Has a Purpose: Writer and Minister Erwin Rafael McManus states, "A life most powerfully lived is the one that finds passionate urgency fueled by a sense of destiny." Knowing what you are made to do, knowing what you want to accomplish, gives thick skin that breaks through any type of adversity.
3. Thick Skin Doesn't Need to Be Certain: Faith in yourself and faith in your goal is all you need. As stated above, "Any coward can fight a battle when he's sure of winning." A thick skin needs faith not certainty.
4. Thick Skin Needs a Supportive Cast: No matter how thick your skin is, you still need encouraging people in your life. If it was not for Willie Mays minor league manager, the game of baseball would have missed out on a significant icon in baseball history. Surround yourself with people who tell you the truth, but encourage you to push through your goals, help you get out of slumps, and can make you think a little lighter about certain situations.
5. Thick Skin Still Accepts Responsibility: Having a thick skin does not keep you from accepting someone's criticism when it is accurate. I love the statement, "You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you mad." You should accept criticism responsibility from people who 1) possess great wisdom and strong character, 2) criticize with the intention of making you a better person or performer, 3) criticize in love, which is criticizing without being judgmental and with kindness, 4) has invested in you previously and who knows you better than you maybe know yourself.
6. Thick Skin Is Essential if You are Doing Great Things: Aristotle said, "Criticism is something you can avoid easily-be saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing." People who don't do anything. People who choose to live a life of mediocrity, people who are scared to live up to their God given talent, and for the most part, people who sit their butts on the sidelines and criticize everyone else do not need thick skin. But for those who are being criticized, be happy! Because you are probably doing something that everyone else only wishes they had enough courage and strength to do. Or as I like to say it, if you're not getting criticized, you're not doing anything.

Only You Determine You