Tuesday, February 8, 2011


To the right is my favorite Michael Jordan photograph. It captures much more than two super-stars matched up against each other. It captures the heart of a passionate leader through the eyes.

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, Germany's greatest general in WWII said he knew if a battle would be won or lost as he looked into his commander's eyes. He said, "I know the outcome because their eyes mirrored mine." He knew if his commanders could look him in the eyes with his same fearlessness and certainty of victory, the battle was theirs.

It begins with the eyes. The eyes exhibit attitude. This attitude of confidence creates actions of the body that communicate assurance. Look at the posture of a leader. Their posture creates presence. And this presence is called poise. Poise is created when the leader is prepared through real experience, knowledge of their craft, and tens of thousands of hours of training skills.

In the book, "How to be a Fierce Competitor," author Jeffrey Fox writes:

"They (Leaders) look into the mirror until they see victory peering back. They lead the organization with confidence, even when uncertain. They are sometimes fearful but always fearless. They may be overwhelmed, but never daunted, always willing."

At BodyTecz we like to say you can tell the difference in our athletes by the look in their eye when they compete. Our athletes are prepared and battle tested. Our confidence in what we do is directly passed into them. Show up and get better or don't show up at all. To us there is no other way. Our desire is create fearless and tenacious athletes. They are taught to respect all but fear none. We teach them to be tenacious competitors. And because of this, our athletes strike fear into their opposition.

If you want to know what your eyes are telling your team or organization do the following:

1) Look at the eyes of those following you, and
2) look at the outcomes your leadership has created.

Both of these will indicate where your team is at and where you team is going.

This week lead with your eyes. When a tough decision is needed, let your eyes show your confidence. Even if you are scared to death, be fearless. You are the leader and that is your job.